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Aerotronics Flight Simulator and Tactical Systems

Company Profile:
Aerotronics LLC is a producer of high-end flight simulation hardware. Our core business revolves around production of the HOTAS for most of the United States fighter jet and Helicopter inventory. We have expanded to the UAV market, as well as Space Vehicle Controllers and Weapons System Controllers.

Custom engineering: Almost everything we have made was the result of an industrial request. To many customers, we are the “go to” people for designing and building simulation items that are not readily available in the market.  We pride ourselves on being inventive, resourceful and thinking “outside the box”.  We have built many “never done before” projects for companies in Canada, Austria, Korea, Singapore, as well as here in the US.  Some of these projects include tactical systems used in actual aircraft.

F-22, F-16 and F-35 HOTAS Sets

New Items!

F-35 Rudder Pedals! UAV rudder pedals

Space Vehicle Controllers for the CST-100 Starliner space capsule sims

Radar Warning Receivers RWR for A-10 and F-16

Lakota UH-72A Simulator Project: We were awarded a large contract for UH-72A (Lakota Helicopter) / Eurocopter EC-145 Cyclic and Collective controllers. The contract called for 204 units to be completed in less than 6 months. Prototypes were required within 2 months. Amazingly, we were able to deliver the prototypes and production units on time. We have had secondary orders for a high fidelity version. These require synchronized dual twist grips for the pilot and copilot collectives. No easy fix

Tactical UAV Control Station: We were awarded an investigational contract for a new line of tactical UAV controllers. This contract required EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) hardened equipment for use in Afghanistan and other front line locales. This project has grown to a production product. This is all that can be disclosed about this project.

F-35 Simulator HOTAS

Next Gen TX Project Jet Simulator HOTAS, Rudder Pedals, Displays.

F-16 HUD

Our Customers:

We have provided equipment to many of the US Airforce Bases, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, L-3, AFRL, Environmental Tectonics. International customers include Israel, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, South Korea, The Netherlands and Austria.

Our Mission:

Aerotronics LLC was born out of an industry need for a high fidelity military simulation hardware with competitive pricing, and faithful reliability. We strive to support all points in the price value reliability triangle and deliver within a reasonable lead time.

Aerotronics Engineering Innovations

Aerotronics has developed unique solutions for the industry simulation needs. For example: If you want an authentic feel to the F-16 throttle action with the proper detents and stops, you would normally need to build a heavy, bulky side wall to house the throttle guide rail. Instead, Aerotronics has successfully provided all of the gates, detents and stops with the side wall built completely internally. Our rudder system is the most rugged in its price class, complete with hidden integrated toe brakes and accurate actuation forces. The force transducers accurately represent the force loading of the real F-16 FLCS base using strain gauge technology. In every piece of equipment we develop, Aerotronics finds a way to redefine the industry standard.


Rudder Pedals

Production Capabilities

  • HOTAS systems for the cockpit and desktop environment

  • Robust Rudder Pedals

  • Head Up Display (HUD) Avionics System

  • Reproduction of rare parts

  • Rapid prototyping: finding new ways to deliver parts quickly.

  • Design and implementation of new hardware technology.

  • On-Site Manufacturing and precision CNC machining

  • Uncompromising quality control standards
F-18 Throttle

Why Aerotronics?  What distinguishes us from the rest?

4 words: Price, Quality, Timeliness, Innovation.

Price: Our promise is to deliver the best value.  We offer several grades of fidelity and material, including aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, fiberglass and resin. If price is the most important factor, we will supply the best equipment available for your budget.  Upgrades in quality and delivery time frames are always available for a premium.

Quality: Our flight hardware is designed by an aerospace engineer who takes pride in developing a robustness that exceeds design specifications. Since flight simulators get 100 times the abuse of the real jet, we develop stronger grips.

Timeliness:  Some of our competing hardware manufacturers have lead times of upwards of 12 to 24 months.  As a smaller company, Aerotronics can often manipulate staffing for rush orders unlike larger, inflexible companies.

Innovation: Aerotronics implements new, practical solutions for an expanding lineup of products.

Be wary of vendors who promise the world and then cannot deliver.  There may be projects that cannot be delivered at a given price.  We would let you know that up front.


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