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Custom Fabrication and Design

With our new metal shop and fiberglass facilities, we are now able to design and fabricate large structures such as cockpits and airframes. We can make fiberglass plugs and molds. Intricate small items can be made by silicone molding.

We are able to replicate almost any part using laser scanning techniques, and software manipulation to create a molding tool We can replicate the part in resin, rubber or metal.




Here is a prototype of a very simple, portable, lightweight cockpit frame with monitor arms. The monitors swing away allowing the pilot to load from the front. This avoids the difficulties inherent in climbing into the seat without getting tangled or and without breaking the HOTAS.

The lower monitor can be configured as a laptop holder or monitor and keyboard combo. The HOTAS receptacles (not shown) are designed to snap in and out for rapid reconfiguration so that the controls are in the proper place for any aircraft that you choose. It comes with an ejection seat.

 Itsec pit


Here is another simple cockpit design that we used for the ITSEC show. The monitor is a touchscreen instrument panel. The "out the window" is done by projection.



fiberglass f2 2ace

This are pictures of the raw fiberglass parts as they come out of the mold.




This is a picture of the welding facility.

Machining an F-22 grip
















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