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F-16 Side Stick Controller

Part # 100-20-1001


F-16 SSC Base


Aerotronics' Side Stick Controller (SSC) is designed to have the same form, fit, and function as the flight controller used in the F-16 fighter. Engineered to accept the cast aluminum Aerotronics flight grip (Part # 100-F0-1003 and similar part numbers) or an F-16 production grip with purchase of OEM adapters, the Aerotronics SSC is ergonomically identical to that of the F-16 and provides a simple USB interface.

Electrical/Force Characteristics

- Standard configuration has a pre-programmed linear response for the pitch and roll axis that spans a DC output range of +0.5 Volts to +4.5Volts
- Center no-load voltage is 2.5 volts
- Forces applied to the grip will translate directly to a linear voltage
- Asymmetric grip displacement mimics actual F-15 Block 52 transducer mechanical movement

Load Range Sensitivities

- Pitch axis sensitivity set to 25 lbs. standard configuration
- The roll axis sensitivity is 17 lbs. left and right
- At customer request, load range sensitivities can be changed

Electrical Specifications

- 9-Pin Male DB-9
- USB Interface (250 updates per second)


Mounting Specifications

- 4 Front mounting holes allow mounting into standard F-16 Right Auxiliary Panel
- 4 Bottom mounting holes for fitting into a desktop environment

>>Download Spec Sheet

  F-16 Side Stick Transducer CAD
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