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F-16 Throttle Base

Part # 300-10-1002





The Aerotronics F-16 Throttle features a unique internal gating detent system that removes the need for an external throttle guide rail.  Aerotronics is the only company to accomplish this feat to our knowledge.  The throttle base also offers the same form and fit as the flight-ready unit. Designed for use with Aerotronics F-16 production grips (Part # 300-T0-1002), the base provides high fidelity and functionality at a fraction of the cost of a flight-ready throttle. The total arm sweep from cut-off position to maximum afterburner is exactly 62°, like the real jet. Robust construction and a high reliability potentiometer result in a workhorse that can be installed at a workstation or in a full cockpit simulator. It has a built in encoder board for independent USB plug and play functionality.

Throttle Base Features

    •  Working friction wheel provides for tension adjustment to user preferences
    •  Working cut-off lever to engage cut-off position
    •  Throttle gates are integrated into the throttle assembly for greater installation flexibility
    •  Throttle grip lifts/rotates to enter gates

Throttle Arm Movement (measured from horizontal)

    - Full Aft (Cut-off Position): 60 degrees
    - Cut-off (transition point from min power to cut-off): 68 degrees
    - Full Mil Power (prior to afterburner ignition): 104 degrees
    - Full forward (Full afterburner): 126 degrees

Range of Movement

    - Total range of movement for the throttle arm is 62 degrees.
    - Total rotation for the grip is 12.5 degrees (to pass through the afterburner gate the throttle grip must be lifted up until it hits the mechanical stop)
    - To reduce the throttle through the buck idle gate, the grip pinky lever must be pulled and the grip rotated an additional 10 degrees or a total of 22.5 degrees minimum.

Mechanical Specifications

- Mounting holes (four) are identical in position and size to the real F-16C throttle.

Electrical Specifications

- Throttle arm potentiometer is mil-spec and rated for 1 million rotational cycles. Impedance is 100K.
- USB out (250 updates per second)

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