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Aerotronics Flight Simulator Systems

F-16 Controls: Here is our flagship line of HOTAS controllers

In the words of an Air Force Colonel....."We need your stuff for Real Flight Training....Because Joysticks are just TOYS!"


Side Stick Controller

The F-16 force transducer is unusual because it hardly moves but a few millimeters. That makes it difficult to train pilots on regular joysticks that have movement!

Aerotronics’ Side Stick Controller (SSC) is designed to have the same form, fit, and function as the flight controller used in the F-16 fighter. Designed to accept the Aerotronic's grip or an F-16 production grip, the Aerotronics SSC is ergonomically identical to the F-16 for the ultimate simulation and training experience.

Electrical/Force Characteristics

The Aerotronics SSC standard configuration has a pre-programmed linear response for the pitch and roll axis that spans a DC output range of +0.5 Volts to +4.5 Volts. The center no-load voltage is 2.5 volts. Forces applied to the grip will translate directly to a linear voltage. The pitch axis has two different load range sensitivities, forward sensitivity being greater than aft sensitivity. The roll axis sensitivity is equal for left and right. However, at customer request, it can be factory programmed to different force values.



The Aerotronics Rudder offers trainees the same ergonomics at a fraction of the cost. Extremely robust construction and potentiometers promising better than 2 million cycles mean a highly reliable rudder for all training and simulation purposes.

  • Easily adjusted forward to aft in ˝” steps to 9”
  • Displacement + or - 6°
  • Adjustable force
  • Independent toe brakes, rotation activation 12°

Throttle - Functions WITHOUT needing a guide rail!!

The Aerotronics F-16 Throttle offers the same feel as the flight-ready unit. This is perhaps the only F-16 throttle that does not need the throttle guide rail because it is built into the internal workings!!

Designed for use with the Aerotronic's grip, our throttle can also partner with F-16 production grips. And at a fraction of the cost of a flight-ready throttle, you’ll be amazed at the similarities in functionality. For instance, total arm sweep from cut-off position to maximum afterburner is 62°. Robust construction and a high reliability potentiometer promise many flight simulations, whether installed at a workstation or in a full simulator. Below are a few more of the benefits of the Aerotronics F-16 Throttle:

  • Working friction wheel provides for tension adjustment to user preferences
  • Working cut-off lever to engage cut-off position
  • Throttle gates are integrated into the rudder assembly for greater installation options
  • Throttle grip lifts/rotates to enter gates
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