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Who are We?

Aerotronics LLC is a producer of high fidelity flight simulation hardware. Our core business revolves around production of the HOTAS for Jets.

Our specialty is the production of flight control transducers and throttle control units and Rudder pedals. We have expanded our work to include custom flight controls, and land vehicle controls, custom avionics, Head Up Displays (HUD).

We are registered with D-Trade, and are able to export licensed military simulation equipment internationally.

What We Do: Production Capabilities

  • HOTAS systems for the cockpit and desktop environment
  • Acquisition and production of "hard to get parts" (by special arrangement).
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Engineering, Design and implementation of new hardware technology.
  • On-Site Manufacturing. Precision CNC machining
  • Metal foundry work
  • Resin moulding and manufacturing




John Li
all sign "Doc"
office: 561.596.4206

As a private pilot, John's hooked on anything that flies. Because Cessnas and Pipers don't go fast, he has built three military flight simulator cockpits for his home office. What began as a hobby became much more than that!

He is our Liaison for Domestic and International Sales.



MLD Marv "Loren"

office: 561.596.4206

Marv is our Lead engineer and Hardware Designer. Coming from years of experience in the Aerospace industry, he is a master of "uber-engineering" Super ROBUST parts.


Paula (Hannah) Anton
Call sign "Gurl"

Paula is in charge of international shipping and logistics



Sam Tolbert
Manufacturing and Quality Control

Coming from a mechanical background, Mr. Tolbert is in charge of putting things together and taking things apart. Sam is our "go to" man for everything! If you need something done ASAP... call Sam up!



Bryan Blazie
Call sign "BB"

Bryan is our chief pilot and an engineer. As a T-34 owner, Brian enjoys spending much of his life upside down and vertical, piling on as many G's as possible. His aerobatic skills are remarkable. This man has more hours in the real aircraft then all of us combined in simulators.

On the ground, he does computer programming and circuit board design.


Call sign "Mr. T"

Anthony is our CNC machining expert. He can turn hunks of metal into beautiful works of art. He is also skilled in other metal works.

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