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Cockpits, Agressor Stations, Virtual Reality Simpits, Components and Ejection Seats: ACES II

(Martin Baker Seats under development)


Above is the F-15 VR configuration with no pedals


Virtual Reality Rapidly Reconfigureable Jet Agressor Stations. With the advent of VR, the need for a "pretty" cockpit with lots of displays and panels becomes un-necessary. As impressive as they may be, the pilots cannot see them. Everything is seen through the goggles.

The next most important thing becomes the sense of touch. Everything that the pilot touches becomes 10x more important. The pilot needs to be able to reach for a button or switch on the HOTAS, and it needs to actuate and feel like the real thing.

So we make utility cockpits -- simpits where the seat, grips and controllers are in the right positions with the right feel. The seat needs to be at the right angle, and every pushable button needs to be mapped to the VR environment. We are teaming with other companies to develop F-16, F-35, F/A-18, T-6, F5E stations that can be rapidly reconfigureable.

From there, we can build up a front console, with or without screens and pushbuttons. We can add side panels. We can give you a landing gear handle, rudder pedals etc!

Aerotronics has responded to the demand for one stop shopping to include cockpits, Flight controllers, Ejection Seats and other cockpit components such as Front panels, side panels and structural consoles. Depending on the fidelity requirements and budget, seats can be constructed to a number of different grades.

At an much lower prices than the competition, Aerotronics offers Cockpits and Ejection seats that are not only dimensionally accurate, but have a solid, nearly unbreakable construction. They are even adaptable to the high stress environments of motion cueing systems.


Rapidly Reconfigurable Cockpits.

We have made cockpits that have side walls and controllers that can be quickly taken down and moved.

The pictures to the right show the rapid change out of the left side wall which supports the collective for the Helo sim. The C-130 yoke column can be expeditiously swapped for a center stick cyclic or a Jet side stick.

The touch screens can be adapted to any aircraft.




Optional Items: We offer the choice of functional or cosmetic

  • Metal reinforcement
  • Auto resetting ejection handle mechanism
  • Authentic Ejection Arming mechanism
  • Redundant microswitch for Arming handle
  • Seat Height adjustment along rail system
  • Integrated motor for height adjustment
  • Emergency parachute release handle
  • Inertial lock system
  • O2 bottle and Tube system
  • Right Side Tube system
  • Koch Fitting Seat belt mechanism
  • Parachute Riser Buckle system
  • Cushions
  • Parachute Container

ACES II Ejection Seat

Arming Pan backframe2backframebackframe1
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