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F/A-18 Dual Throttle Grips and Base


The Aerotronics F/A-18 Throttle offers the same form and fit as the flight-ready unit. The total arm sweep from cut-off position to maximum afterburner is exactly like the real jet.




Flight Grips

The F/A-18 throttle Grips are cast from the real thing. The form and fit is essentially one to one.

It is populated by Otto, Mason, JTS and Loren switches.

We can supply flying leads or we can electrically interface with your adapter, or we can mount onto the Aerotronics Dual Throttle Base.

(You may use real throttle grips or the Aerotronics throttle grips on our Dual throttle base. Use of real throttle grips requires adapter plugs that are purchased separately)


The F/A-18 Dual Throttle Base

The base is constructed out of CNC aluminum parts.  The throttle arms are cast aluminum. 

The throttle arm throw is essentially identical to the real throttle.

Dual potentiometers connected to an on board dedicated I/O board with USB output.  This allows plug-and-play functionality.

Fingerlifts, afterburner detent, idle cut off detent, solenoid actuation are all available options.

Electrical Specifications

- Throttle arm potentiometer is mil-spec and rated for 1 million rotational cycles. Impedance is 100K.
- USB out (250 updates per second)

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