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Aerotronics F-35 Products:

F-35 Cockpit Trainer:

Aerotronics was asked to produce several customized F-35 Cockpit Trainer for a specific Air Force program. Much time was spent gathering data to produce accurate form fit and function. Care was taken to save on space as much as possible. The cockpit was designed so that it could be dissembled into parts that would fit through an average 36" doorway. The Trainer features a sturdy all aluminum construction. There are options for rear slide entry or "over the rail" side entry. There are several grades of panel and avionics fidelity

Martin Baker MK-16: JSF / F-35 Sim Ejection Seat

What a difficult subject for reverse engineering! The JSF seat does not have simple lines! It is comprised of geometrically complex curves and angles. The construction is VERY different from the more straight forward ACES II seat.

However, we rose to the challenge and produced an accurate model of the MK-16. It features all metal construction. It has vertical seat height adjustment of 8 inches. Seat motor is rated for 600lb. The seat frame allows for adjustable seat angle. Memory foam backed head cushion and contoured seat and back cushions provide comfort for long missions. Multiple cosmetic pushrods and O2 bottle systems.

Optional: 5 point restraint system, functional seat arming handle, ejection pull handle. Shoulder harness release, inertial reel locking mechanism.

The F-35 rudder pedal System:

A brilliant result of human factors analysis and engineering, the F-35 rudder system is a perfect blend of art and utility. Featuring an unique ergonomically designed arced adjustment configuration, a wide range of pilot anthropomorphics.

Aerotronics was recently commissioned by Lockheed Martin to replicate this rudder system for simulation purposes. We were tasked with making these rudder pedals more robust than the real aircraft pedals and more robust than other competing pedals.


F-35 FLCS Grip Part # 335-F0-1003 High Fidelity Metal casting
F-35 Throttle Grip Part # 335-TR-1002 High Fidelity Metal casting

Aerotronic’s F-35 flight grip and throttle grips are dimensionally accurate casting
of the real grips. It is populated with high-grade switches from the original equipment
manufacturers and hi fidelity simulation transducer switches.
• They are robust and have been used in centrifuge simulators withstanding hi
G environments.
• The grips have the same form, fit and function as in the real aircraft.
• Connectors can be user specified.
• Standard Aerotronics Connector configuration allows for interchangeability
with F-16, F-15, F-22 controllers
• Wiring can be matrixed (usual for USB configuration) or wired with discrete

F-35 FLCS Base Part # 335-20-1001

• The F-35 flight controller base was designed as a drop in module for high
fidelity F-35 cockpits. The dimensions are one to one with the real controller
• The stick movement is tuned to the proper actuation forces and throw
(displacement arc) of the real controller base.
• Spring tension can be adjusted to simulate other aircraft.
• Optional conversion to active stick or minimum movement transducer control
is possible.

F-35 Throttle Linear Slide Base Part # 335-10-1002

• The F-35 throttle controller base was designed as a drop in module for high
fidelity F-35 cockpits, but can be used as a desktop mounted unit.
• The throttle movement is calibrated to the proper displacement of the real
controller base. The friction knob adjusts the tension using electrical impedance.
• Optional conversion to active throttle is possible.





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